I might still need some tips when it comes to getting all the soap off a baby (no really how do people do it…), but when it comes to living a natural, healthy life that’s free of chemicals and full of feel-good ingredients — that I have on lock.

I’ve worked in the natural health space for the last decade of my life, and I’ve spent the last eight of those years running one of the fastest-growing natural health websites around. So when it came time to choose the best, most natural (but effective!) products for my growing family, I felt confident. But I quickly realized I had my work cut out for me. The companies that make products for babes sometimes cut corners and gamble on your little one’s health. YIKES! So I’m taking my passion and know-how, and dishing on all the tips you need to know to choose what’s best for your LO. But I’m also a baker, a small group leader, a runner and a lover of a good dress — so you’ll find a variety of fun here. YAY!

(And for the dads reading this — LO stands for Little One!)

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