Slow Down Baby Boy

Oh my mama heart. This is me, 24/7.

I remember feeling this way when I was pregnant and basically nothing’s changed! that feeling of wanting him to hurry hurry hurry, but also wanting him to slow down cause whoa! I never feel ready.

and now that Jacks is nearing the six month mark these feels are in full force 😭. I constantly catch myself saying things like “I can’t wait ‘till he can _________” but then in the same breath saying “omg why can’t I freeze time baby boy slow down!!!” just the other day i was saying i can’t wait until he can crawl around in bed on sunday mornings, then i turn to put him in this NINE MONTH jamma and it was super snug on him. instatears y’all! 😭 story of my life… It’s such an internal conflict! 🙈

and as little bits of Jacks’s personality come out we can see that he is taking after his mama in the tendency to always think about what’s next — he’s just never satisfied with “where he is” 🙇🏻‍♂️😂 he desperately wants to crawl, feed himself and sit up on his own in the bath (…or eat his feet in the bath which…😱 don’t even get me started…🤣) *sigh* It’s the greatest travesty of motherhood, I guess… we eventually get exactly what we wished for — they grow and do all the things we were so excited to see them do — but we cannot, not for even a second, go back to the day they were littler.

In other news — you may remember that in my post about 10 Essentials for a new baby I notes I was was so thankful to have all the zip up onesies I could get my hands on!! This Burts Bees Baby is light and perfect for summer nights, but I linked several others that are perfect too!


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