Our Gender Reveal + Some Other Super Cute Gender Reveal Ideas

Gender reveal parties have definitely become pretty common, but still I know so many couples who opt out of the hoopla. And I can see why — it’s pretty personal and the parties can turn into a full-on event. But when it came time for us to learn whether our little one was a him or a her, I knew I wanted it to be more special than opening an envelope in the lobby of our doctor’s office. (We had the blood test done so the results were literally just printed on a white sheet of paper with clip-art of a stork and balloons, haha!) But I have to say I couldn’t have imagined it any other way! It was so special to host a BBQ for our closest friends and family and invite them into our big life moment. Its such a big moment!!! Being pregnant is amazing (I miss it!) but I found those first several weeks to be mentally and emotionally tricky because I didn’t know if it was a boy or a girl. You don’t realize how many of your thoughts come back to “well if it’s a ____ then we’ll _______.” So if you ever find yourself on the fence I 100% encourage this. Even if it’s just a small reveal with you and your SO. The suspense is the best!

And there are so many other adorable reveal ideas. I linked a few favorites below as well as the things we used for ours and what I wore.


Other Adorable Reveal Ideas

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