Sunday Mornings // Tummy Time & Trials

Yesterday Jacks was in the middle of a pretty great tummy time session — a solid 3 minutes strong. As it got closer to what I knew was the end, I decided to stand strong through his wimpers and let him roll himself back over to rest. He’s performed this trick a million times, so it was something I knew he could do. Only, this time he didn’t. He’s actually done this a few times recently — increase the volume of his wimpers instead of just rolling himself over.

As I rested my palm on his back to let him know I was right there, his wimpers turned to cries. The super sad kind with real tears and everything. I imagine he was like YOU’RE RIGHT THERE WHY ARENT YOU HELPING!?

But I’m thinking Because I know you know how to do this, and you have to get stronger, my love bug.

Then bam. I couldn’t help but think I wonder if this is how God sometimes sees us…

Floundering. Whimpering. Looking down and struggling instead of rolling over to look up and find rest. And all the while he has his right hand over us thinking, you’re right. I could help. But that wouldn’t build your strengths, shape you or help you learn to trust My process.

And as luck would have it, His process sometimes requires a little bit of elbow grease from us. Not even much — about the same it takes a baby to roll over, I’m sure! It’s going to prayer, getting into the Word and touching base with church fam. And it’s in these small efforts that we really find the rest we need, amiright?

Remember that my LO. He’s forever right there, with his hand at your back. And if he doesn’t help right away or do something for you — it’s always for you.

(…I’m a sucker, though, so you know I scooped him up after just a second!)

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